Continuing our strong working relationship with Palmersport and Motor Sport Vision, we again created the briefing and promotional videos for this wonderful venue.
This time it was a total re-shoot with Jake Humphrey (BBC F1 presenter) and regular Martin Brundle. We built a studio in one of the hangars and filled it with Palmersport cars. Plus we created a green screen area, to create virtual platforms for key cars and finally an area for specific lighting shots and smoke machines etc. Our aim was to go ‘Big’ on everything, really high production values in reflection of this high end venue.

The results was some stunning visual car art and top performances from Jake and Martin to camera, they really should do it more often! Jake wasn’t too shabby behind the wheel either, plus our low level HD helicopter brought us some top action – combined with on track shots, on board angles and steady cam moves from our crew.

HD crews, twenty lights in the studio, Six lights and flooring which we built for purpose (we’ll tell you how if you’re interested!) Voice over on site, ten days post production, ten days editing and 3D modelling.

We’d recommend you book a day at Palmersport just to see the video alone!