Duck and Weave start a Revolution!

Duck and Weave start a Revolution!

Award winning marketing company ‘The Lounge’ approached Duck and Weave to produce the latest campaign for Mates condoms. The all new ‘Skyn’ product was to be launched in five different countries = yep that meant five different languages!

The concept was for a man to appear to be delivering a manifesto, getting the viewer to joining a sexual revolution, however there was a twist at the end, which aimed to confuse the viewer’s sense of perception.

This was our largest studio shoot to date and we used the Haliford studios in Shepperton. We had the set built and put onto a dolly, followed by the camera on a second dolly. The female actess was put into a purpose built cradle and the set was dressed accordingly. Timing was everything, as the two grips were cued on key words from the actors. As it was one shot there was no room for error. Average takes per couple….50!

Look out for…Venetian blind, product on set, change of light as set moves in.


17 lights, 20 metres track, two grips, 60ft square studio. 2 days set up/ 2 day rehersal/ two day shoot/ 1 day photo shoot.

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