We’re very proud of a film we have just completed with American Rally star Ken Block,
For the launch of the ‘Colin McRae Dirt 2’ computer game, in Association with Attention Seekers and Codemasters.
Andy Spellman Directed the shoot and designed the bespoke course with Ken. Giles Burris created all of the post-production effects and edits. Note no actors were used in this film:

Andy Spellman:
“The concept was that Ken showed up at a car show and scared the life out of his unsuspecting passengers. We wanted that genuine almost awkward feeling of spying on people and for the whole story to be through the experience of the passenger.
Where as most films with Ken consist of big wide action shots and no interaction with the man himself I was interested to show an element of Ken’s relaxed personality, as he toyed with the passengers
We hired the Copse runway and Copse tunnel at Silverstone and designed a fairground for Ken to play with. I didn’t want anyone to use a tripod as it would have detracted from the surveillance feel and getting the crowd perspective was imperative to give the whole shoot extra intimacy.”
Duck and Weave were also in charge of creating all of the associated media and press material at the event.